SMBHotS Story Changes...

2013-05-12 06:43:21 by LordAsylus

I let Bowser's Kingdom what it was and I have story changes in Super Mario Bros Heroes of the Stars.
I mixed Princess Marina's Story Arc and General Shy Guy Story Arc into a single story arc. :D
I make it for letting two new allies join Mario Bros in the same time in that single story arc. :D

Also, check out these new animations I for released!

SMBHotS - Episode 2 Vol 3
Superstar Mario Bros The Movie Part 1
Rise Of Chaos Beasts Intro

New animations is coming too soon!

Also, I gots Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon (USA) aka Luigi's Mansion 2 (Europe).

SMBHotS Story Changes...


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2013-05-12 18:26:47

If your happy to know that I got that game on the day it was released,so goodluck finding some ghosts,even treasure,I'm not a spoiler,you know have you tried the first one,it was so hard,King Boo really has Bowser's head on HIS SHOULDERS!Hahahahah!!!Not funny to you?Anyway I finished the game for 2 days...see if you can beat my time in 1 day...I dare ya...