New animations!

2012-11-07 18:53:08 by LordAsylus

Hi guys!
I've just released all of the finished episode of Super Mario Bros:Heroes of The Stars!
The next episode will come out soon!
And it will be awemazing!!!

Episode 1 Part 2
Episode 2 Part 1
Episode 2 Part 2

This series will for continue soon!
For now in meantime...I will be releasing episodes of my other series - Super Mario Bros. GT - Grand Adventure starting tomorrow!

Thanks you for enjoy my moovies!


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2012-11-07 19:19:55

The god...


2012-11-08 20:15:18



2012-11-09 20:24:11

This better not be sprites...


2012-11-13 11:59:54

Keep going your good work!


2012-11-17 03:50:29

Now I think theres a chance of reach to 1st place trophy!For best animation!


2012-11-25 08:39:38

Do you work on Super mario bros GT TGA Ep.2 part 2?


2012-11-29 06:45:56

A Kajuking, I think you should add Yoshi, Princess Maple, Tuff and Celine to the main roster, because how can Yoshi and Tuff go anywhere without the Mario Bros., Tiff or Celine? It would also be cool see Maple be in the action for once.


2012-12-07 00:27:40

Alberto why do you repeat everytime you comment the new animaters.
Kaiju King Sometimes has friends hes working with in Youtube:
-Jeremy Deitz(Super Mario Bros. Kai)
In this new series this is where Metal Sonic is defeated and gets married to Amy and has a boy name Sonic Jr.Even Mario was married(Not really)then he has a daughter.But Metal Sonic was rebuilt.And wants revenge.


2013-01-25 09:19:41

Hello kaijuking its me SUPERLUIGI7900MUGEN in deviantart :D