Entry #1

I new to Newgrounds

2012-02-16 05:37:23 by LordAsylus

Hey, everybody! I'm Fredrik Nilsson,
but please call me Kaiju King! :XD:

My ultimate project is to make
Kirby - The Wrath of Asylus comic.

With my help with other artists from
Deviantart and Kirby anime screencaps,
I can make comic looks like manga and anime as possible.

Please enjoy my artworks with Mario, Godzilla,
Kirby and Dragon Ball Z characters.

I maybe post my flashes here too.

Thanks you... :)

My email is kaijuverse91@hotmail.se

and you can see my other works at


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2012-02-16 06:03:37

Welcome to NG.

LordAsylus responds:

Thanks you.
Check out my work on Deviantarts and my movies on YouTube!